Event – 40 years to Israel’s withdrawal from Ofira

Back to Heaven | 40 years since the evacuation of Ofira

NBC news covering the Sinai Withdrawal

Filming Ofira – done by the architect that design the living area

Evacuation day

Video from the Police ceremony and Naama bay

Bus line from Eilat to Ofira 1971

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The school grows between the sea and the desert and is displaced – Dr. Nirit Raichel

The Ofira School (Sharm I Sheikh 1974-1982), published by the Mofat Institute, 243 pages. A book penned by Dr. Nirit Raichel of the Ohalo Academic College, who ran the "Ofira" school from its establishment until its evacuation. In the "Reading Journal" corner, she explains, among other things, what led her to write the book about the Ofira school. Published by Haifa University.

Sinai – the settlement and withdrawal story

Kan 11

ABC news covering the Sinai Withdrawal

Naama Field School

The architect Israel Godovitz explains the planning process