Our Ofira – the settlement story

Ofira was an Israeli settlement built in the south of the Sinai Peninsula when it began in 1969 and continued until 1982 when it was evacuated.

Initially, nature and the beaches dominated the entire area, as it was almost completely uninhabited

Sharm el Moya 1956
Kennedy’s head

Ofira is built on the cliff of Ras Umm Sid and overlooks the bay of Sharm El Moya, also known as Solomon’s Bay. On the photos page, you can see more pictures of Ofira

Ofira & Ras Um Sid
The buildings and the Askobitz

The Ofira area was developed into an industrial area, IDF bases were established, and an airport was constructed.

The bay and the industrial zone
Industrial area and the bay

There were several hundred families who lived and worked in Ofira as well as the adjacent bases.

The road from Eilat to Ofira was paved in 1971.

New bus line to Ofira

For the welfare of citizens and tourists, a promenade, hotels, a field school, a diving club, and other businesses were constructed in Naama Bay.

Naama Bay Photographed by Howard Rosenstein
Naama Bay Photographed by Howard Rosenstein

Ofira school was established in 1974, and some children attended barefoot. In some classes, students from two age groups studied together, with each table forming a class

At school
Events at school

Heavy rains fell almost non-stop in the Ofira and Naama beach areas on October 20, 1979. Floods caused by heavy rain caused much destruction and even death due to the heavy rains

Flood of 1979 Photographed by Howard Rosenstein

Egypt and Israel signed a peace agreement in 1979 in which the Sinai Peninsula was to be returned to Egypt as part of the agreement. In 1981, a summit meeting was held there with Egyptian and Israeli leaders in attendance.

1981 Begin and Sadat Summit in Ofira Photographed by Howard Rosenstein
Ofira summit – Yediot Aharonot newspaper

Residents left Ofira during Passover 1982, leaving behind the settlement and residences intact, but taking their memories and experiences.

Leaving Ofira

A number of articles have been written about the residents’ feelings, and they are attached here

Many novels and songs have been written about Ofira and the settlement in Sinai – some are attached to the videos page.


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